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As a staffing agency with a people-first mission, we partner closely with our community, including over 300 service providers, nonprofits, and government agencies. When you refer someone to us, we work together to help that person find work, achieve their goals, and address any barriers.

We welcome all jobseekers. There are no requirements or restrictions for our services.



Opportunities for job placements with local employers

Competitive wages paid weekly and earned in full without fees

Advocacy, accountability, and professional development from trauma-informed staff

Regular meetings with a trained peer coach, matched based on shared life experiences

Support in achieving personal goals, from relationships, to housing, to identification, to recovery

Resources, including transportation in some regions, and referrals

Peer coaches are trained in strengths-based skills like motivational interviewing, are experts on local resources, and have their own lived experience. They help individuals achieve goals and build stability. One jobseeker shared: “My coach encouraged me during a very difficult time in my life and treated me with respect and without judgement."


Success Rate


We like to say that Working Fields has a 100% success rate. Every person we work with gains a benefit: whether it’s planting a seed, identifying obstacles to employment, completing a temporary assignment, or obtaining permanent work.


Supportive employment benefits everyone, from jobseekers to employers. If someone you know is looking for work, particularly if they are experiencing systemic employment barriers, we can help. Referrals are the best way for us to connect with jobseekers.

Many organizations with in-house employment services collaborate with Working Fields. As a staffing agency, we have contracts with several dozen businesses across industries and can place people directly into positions.

Equitable employment is our full-time job. Let us do the work.


As a person-first agency, we know that lived experience matters. Our staff, many of whom have their own lived experience, bring deep knowledge and compassion. We work hard to build relationships with everyone we hire. After 6 years and over 2,000 people placed in jobs, we are experts in employing people of all walks of life.