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How Do I Refer to Working Fields?


Dec 12, 2022
We provide local employment and peer support in Vermont, northern Massachusetts, and southeastern New Hampshire. Sound like a good fit for someone you know?

If you’re a case manager, friend or family member, recovery coach, employer, or community member, you can refer a jobseeker to Working Fields by:

  1. Filling out this form (click here)
  2. Calling us at (802) 348-4610 or (603) 314-8268
  3. Emailing us at
  4. Walking into your local office during business hours

Case managers and resource providers can also partner with the candidate to reach out to our offices. You can call together, send a joint email, come to our office together, or encourage the candidate to reach out independently. 

To be an eligible candidate, the individual must be:

  • Legally authorized to work in the United States
  • Over 16

We provide employment that comes with a built-in peer support system, to help each person achieve their individual goals. We have worked with people who are: 

  • Homeless or housing insecure
  • In recovery
  • Looking for part-time or on disability
  • New to the area
  • Coming out of incarceration or on parole
  • Transitioning into a new career
  • And much more.

We’ll work with anyone, and our program is free. In Franklin & Chittenden Counties of Vermont, we can also provide transportation. Our positions start as temporary, which means candidates can move between roles if needed. Our goal is for the job to become permanent if it’s a good career fit.

Case Managers & Resource Providers

When you submit a referral, you can also include your information. We are a community-driven organization and are happy to team up. We often refer our associates to service agencies, so please let us know how we can best work together to help our people succeed. You also can find your local account manager's contact information on our staff page - click here

If you refer people to us regularly, we recommend you bookmark this page. Click here to subscribe to our newsletter.