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Stephanie Robtoy



Stephanie comes with 8 years’ experience working with individuals in recovery as well as her own lived experience hitting bottom, looking at her patterns, beliefs and behavior, and making the changes necessary to maintain a stable, happy life and successful career. 

Stephanie’s experiences and history coming from a family with substance use disorder and mental health struggles are what attracted her to Working Fields. She says, “the most amazing thing is to see the light come on in someone else's eyes and for them to realize their own potential - overcoming their barriers, going from really believing they’re hopeless or doomed to the life they’ve been living, then realizing they have options. They too can be successful regardless of what their past looks like.”

Coming from a family of generational poverty and substance use, she saw firsthand what it was like to struggle and swore she would break the cycle, yet from her early teens into adulthood she found herself repeating the patterns regardless of how different she had hoped to be. She’s connected with our mission at Working Fields because she wants others to know that it doesn’t matter where you come from, what you have or have not done, everyone has the ability to make the life they desire and deserves the chance to do so.

 now spends her time trying to continue to break those “generational curses” for her family and others. She is active in the recovery community. She loves spending time with her daughter and enjoys finally living: once she realized possibilities were endless for her, she spends her time trying new things and discovering who she is and what she likes. All those things she regretted in her past have turned into valuable lessons which give her the unique skillset to do this job. “Nothing happens by mistake” is her favorite motto.