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Lorcan Ackley



Lorcan has spent his entire professional career in service to helping others, especially those who have experienced difficulties in their lives and are on their journey of self-discovery. He utilizes his strengths-based approaches to understand the complex needs of people by assisting individuals in recognizing their own abilities, passions, skills, interests and needs to best achieve their goals. He builds strong relationships through his own connection to lived experiences and is striving to strengthen our community by helping those in need. He's dedicated to ensuring all voices are heard, valued, understood and respected. 

Lorcan has a background in the education field through teaching and leadership positions, primarily in alternative settings supporting people who’ve experienced trauma and intense adverse experiences.  With this, Lorcan is well versed and experienced using 
Motivational Interviewing, Collaborative Proactive Solutions, Restorative Practices and Executive Functioning Skills.  He has his undergraduate degree in Art Education, obtained his Special Education Licensure through a licensure program and earned his master’s degree in Education from the University of Vermont.  With his education and lived experiences, Lorcan is excited to bring his passions, interests, and skills to the Account Manager position at Working Fields.