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Lisa Goodrich, Working Fields Associate, Wins National Staffing Employee All-Star Award


Sep 19, 2022
There’s nothing better than the opportunity to recognize someone for their hard work. Lisa Goodrich of Springfield, Vermont has more than earned that recognition. 

That’s why we are delighted to share that Lisa has been named this year’s National Staffing Employee All-Star for the Industrial Sector. She was chosen for this prestigious award by the American Staffing Association because her story exemplifies resilience, courage, and the importance of a community that believes in you.

A few years ago, Lisa was stuck in a job with bad hours that didn’t pay enough. But she didn’t think she could get another: she had suffered from substance use disorder, and had convictions in her past as a result.

Connecting with Working Fields gave her hope for a better future on her terms. Our Springfield office placed her in a job with Whitney Blake, a premier cabling company based out of Windsor County, and matched her with a peer coach. Lisa did the rest. She never missed a day of work, picking up new skills quickly and moving between roles easily. Working with her peer coach, she built a budget and was able to save for major things like medical treatments and a new vehicle. She also maintained her recovery through the stress of a new job and life transitions. Now, she is a beloved full-time worker at Whitney Blake, and she plans to stay there until retirement.

This award simply cements Lisa’s accomplishments. During National Staffing Employee week, we celebrated her win with a delicious chocolate and vanilla cake provided by Whitney Blake, along with a few words from each team. Our founder and CEO Mickey Wiles reflected that Lisa’s story exemplifies the journey of so many facing challenges or employment barriers, and is exactly the kind of future Working Fields is here to help create. We are incredibly proud to have worked with Lisa and see her earn this national recognition.   

You can learn more about this award via the link below and see Lisa’s official all-expenses-paid headshots on the ASA website!



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