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Peer Support Director Fawn Montanye Joins Working Fields


Apr 29, 2022
Peer support is the core of the Working Fields model. This week, the program got an exciting boost: Working Fields has hired our first Peer Support Director, Fawn Montanye.

As Peer Support Director, Fawn will collaborate with our coaches to bring ongoing peer support to all jobseekers, increase training opportunities for coaches, and streamline our internal processes. Fawn hopes to help our peer-based program grow and thrive using her diverse skills and background.

Fawn brings with her deep experience and many certifications in peer coaching. As a NYS Addiction Recovery Coach, as well as a CCAR Recovery Academy and Ethics and Boundaries facilitator, she has spent her professional career elevating those around her and dedicated to those she serves. 

Before coming to Working Fields, Fawn was the Executive Director of the Vermont Recovery Network. She oversaw the 12 peer-based recovery centers in the state, including managing grants, increasing visibility, running the state database, and raising funds. She was also the Substance Use Program Manager overseeing several community-based teams in Bennington, Vermont's Southwestern Medical Center. 

Prior to her recovery, her career began as an executive assistant at a residential treatment center for adolescent girls and the northeast area's juvenile sexual offender treatment program. She then joined a Fortune 500 biopharmaceutical manufacturing company, where she gained valuable corporate experience. 

Currently, she serves as the Executive Director of the Vermont Roots and Wings Alliance, a nonprofit that aims to support and expand treatment courts within Vermont. She will continue in that role as joins Working Fields, enabling the nonprofit to route all funds raised directly to its services. 

Fawn lives in Dorset. She's a single mother with two children, 18 and 15, and two French bulldogs. She has maintained an abstinence-based, fellowship-driven path of recovery for over 5 years and believes that 'lived recovery is prevention in action.'

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