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An Inside Look at Working Fields: Our Values


Apr 17, 2022
In the fall of 2021, Working Fields set out to define our company values. We defined these guiding principles over the course of several months and steps, including:

  1. Collaborative brainstorming at a retreat with all internal staff
  2. Guidance from an outside consultant at Good Culture Works
  3. Refinement with input from Working Fields leadership

These core values became the foundation of our ongoing employee engagement program. They have also been integrated into our hiring and onboarding process for associates and internal staff alike. 

In establishing these values, we drew on several sources:

  • Our mission and its driving principles 
  • The core values of the recovery & justice communities
  • Lived experiences and morals of our team

Working Fields: Our Core Values

Equity in Action: We purposefully and intentionally create justice for all people. We are anti-racist, and work collaboratively to unlearn internal biases, and dismantle systems that are barriers to equity.

We openly appreciate where we are in our lives, no matter where we are in our lives. Celebrating the positive changes we make in our community and honoring the collective power of our team and partners enables us to keep challenges in perspective.

Honesty and Humility:
Our aspiration is freedom from self. We actively support growth and learning through curiosity, accountability and vulnerable truth-telling. Feedback is shared and received openly, frequently and graciously. Expectations are clear, and boundaries are respected.
We respect our authentic selves and act with empathy and compassion. Good intentions guide us in creating positive connections in service of our mission.

Like a palm tree, we are flexible yet grounded. We consider the impact of each decision on the long-term sustainability of the business. Mistakes are learning opportunities on our path to achieving our mission.  

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